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Ive only ever used this to read fanfic. But now im curious as to what i can do with this account. I dont want to delete it, i really enjoy reading fics here! Ive read some of the best stories here ever~!
soo maybe ill try doing something~ i just dont know what~~ 

Gangnam Craze

I purposely waited a long~~~~ time to write this.  I really wanted to gather my thoughts on this before saying anything. 
Let me start off by saying i only vaguely knew of PSY before he became very popular.  I only ever heard "Right Now" and that was it.  I didn't bother looking up anything about him, i just enjoyed the song.  Though one day, i did get curious and started like his other songs.  And gradually came to like his music even more.  When "Gangnam style" first came out, it was funny and catchy.  And honestly i didnt think it was going to explode across the world~ ( did anyone see that coming? o.o like seriously... cause i didnt~) 
I just have a few questions to ask, anyone reading this.....
  • Has anyone else gotten tired of the song? (Of course not in an insulting way, but its played a lot on the radio almost everyday.  But i still listen to it just to show my support~! ^.^ but that is besides the point.) I have heard the song since it came out, so for me its just overdone now.  (But i guess that could be objectively speaking since im pretty sure there are people who could never tire out a song :P)
  • Have you come across (how should i say this hypocrites? This is from my own personal experience, but i have been judged in the past by a few friends, family members (the most really ~.~) for listening to music that was outside of my culture.  However, those same people who once criticized me, are the same people who go crazy for this song.  lol~ If you do, please share! :D And lastly, do believe me when i say my words aren't meant to insult anyone. (i know it might sound like it... but i really dont want to~~~ >.<)
  • Lastly, i guess it kinda goes along with the previous question.  Has there been an increase of kpop fans? I know it sounds strange, because kpop probably goes every day. lol~ but if does anyone know someone who became a kpop fan due to Gangnam Style? (sincere people~~ :O )
Well, that was it....
Thank you for reading this long entry~! XD 
And i hope i wasn't too harsh~ and if i was im really sorry! >.<
Please feel free to leave feedback~ i would like to hear everyones opinions! :D

In all honesty....

Before i start, let me just clarify that it is not my intention to speak ill of other kpop groups.  I just want to state my honest opinion, and please feel free to correct me if i am wrong.  These are group that i vaguely know, so there is a big possibilty that i am wrong, and of i know its true that have no right to judge any of them.  But like i said before its just my opinion, and in fact im looking forward to someone proving me wrong. So here is the question~ Is there any new kpop groups that actually know japanese language/culture?  I am talking about the new rookies that have debuted in japan, and seem to basically re-release their korean singles in japanese.  From my opinion, all i see is them promoting their song for a short while, and they leave.  And repeat this process whenever they have new singles to translate.  (i hope i dont sound too i looked up B2ST, 2PM, Supernova, big bang, super junior, 2ne1, Shinee, After school, secret, T-ara, Infinite, KARA, 4minute, SNSD....hmmm i think thats all i got. (lol~)  The only ones that i notice to actually notice to be able to speak it are: SNSD(though only one member can speak more fluently than the rest,but are supposedly learning), KARA (from what i can tell on interviews it looks like all the girls are at the same level, and seem to have a really good grasp of it.), Supernova (or choshinsung, I've seen that they are one of the longest kpop groups to have stayed in japan for a consistent time besides DBSK.)  Lastly, Infinite( I have seen some of their behind the scenes footage and the boys look promising, but still are in the learning process) Do notice, i didnt mention DBSK, BoA, or the CSJH the grace.  They are the few korean artist/groups that actually took the time to learm japanese.  I know that idols have a busy schedule, so busy to the point that almost anyone cant be able to relate too.  And i can imagine if i had very little resting time, i would use it to actually rest, but i hate to do this cause it sounds like im comparing, but there are other artists who work just as hard, or just as much.... but still take the time to learn.  Like i said, i dont mean to hurt anyones reputation or bash someones idol but im just wondering if there is. I really want someone to prove me wrong, just because i want to believe that there are kpop artists who still take the time to appreciate other cultures and languages.  Please leave your thoughts as well! I really want to see how others feel about this as well! Thanks for reading this super loooonnnggg post~! :D

Cover artist~

I thought she was amazing!

Her name is MoA, I'm not sure if anyone was ever heard of her before but honestly i found out about her like tow weeks ago, and i haven't been able to stop listening to her cover songs~  She is truly amazing! >.<

She covers a wide variety of artists, alot of 2NE1 songs that have been covered in english!  She also write the lyrics for the english version!

Anwyas, please show her your support!

here is a vid, and let me tell you she is the one singing!


well i got a livejournal, but im totally new at this. 
so dont mind me if i ask questions (^.^)

Well next time I'll make a good entry!

Enjoy the picture!  ;)
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